Final performance MUDA conservatory Gent 6th year
13 Young dancers
13 Ways Mirrored
13 Compositional scores combined

Inspired by the individual behaviours and group dynamics in social networks we developed a choreography that questions the way users get bombarded with information. Also the freedom of choice that is corrupted by the algorithms that chose for us is inhibited in the choreographic structure. What kind of thinking is developed during the process of self marketing and what happens to us when we get confronted only with the best moments in the life of our friends, the most spectacular stunts, the funniest jokes and the wisest advices for our life...
How do we deal with all the masks that are created on such platforms? When hysteria strikes, how do we react? What would happen, if our entire life would be absorbed by the information machine? Questions that have inspired the formal development of LIKE IT, a piece that illustrates our perspective, without moral judgement, making use of the social intelligence and movement skills of it young performers, that will conclude their school time with this performance.

Source material:

A: Two upper body gestures including a mask like facial expression for each of the following emotional imperatives:

Like that / Amazement (WOW) / Sadness / Anger / Love / HaHaHa / Like me / Zombie or burned out

B: One solo related to a social media post (only non stereotyped movements allowed)

C: Different variations on shuffling rapidly with the feet not leaving the floor along the drawn floor pattern. (8th note rhythm of 95 bpm approximately half a foot length each step)

D: Out of balance contact cluster

Score structure:

1: Snake / 2: Cluster One / 3: Long Snake / 4: Cluster Two / 5: Two snakes facing / 6: Meetings /
7: Solos / 8: Jumps / 9: Stories 1/2 change directions after 2 fishes / 10: Stories Long Snake / 11: Jump Slide Machine / 12: Short Snake / 13: Circle

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